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Kobe Studio Seminar

About Kobe Studio Seminar

Short Introduction

Kobe Studio Seminar (KSS in short) is the place where we have long discussions on several topics with the smallest possible number of participants. Past topics have come from many different fields of mathematics, computing and arts, such as:

Low-dimensional topology, differential geometry, complex analysis, algebraic geometry, number theory, category theory, computer sciences, symbolic computation, drawing, computer graphics, graphics, typography, music, sound construction, architecture, building construction, house planning, choreograph, cinematography, linguistics, contemporary art, classical art, and etc.

Place: Kobe University (No. 10 at the Campus Map, in front of "Shindai-Hattatsu-Kagakubu-Mae" bus stop) and other places (rarely).

Further Information

For further information, please take a look at the following page.

Seminar Series

Organizers and Affiliation


Organizational Affiliation (cooperation between industry and academia)

KSS is organized by industry (Studio Phones) and academia (Division of Environmental Science Foundation), with 2 organizers (1 member of the division and 1 member of the company). For the Kobe Studio Seminar for Studies, we are supported by several external coordinators and supporters. For the special series for Studies with Renderman, we are supported by Pixar's RenderMan Team.