Studio Phones Seminar

Studio Phones Seminar continues as Kobe Studio Seminar from April 2013. Please refer to Kobe Studio Seminar.

About Studio Phones Seminar:

Original seminar was organized by and run by Studio Phones. Past topics have come from many different fields of mathematics, computations and arts, such as:

Low-dimensional topology, differential geometry, complex analysis, algebraic geometry, number theory, category theory, computer sciences, symbolic computation, drawing, computer graphics, graphics, typography, music, sound construction, architecture, building construction, house planning, choreograph, cinematograph, linguistics, contemporary art, classical art, and etc.

We have a long argument about several topics with the smallest possible number of participants.

Place: Division of Human Environment, Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, Kobe University. (No. 10 at the Campus Map)

Schedule of workshops and talks, and past topics: