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KSS Articles

We would like to have a place where the organizers of KSS and the guest editor maintain and publish (via the net) those materials and hyperlinks to materials, in cooperation with many contributors, that all kinds of academic materials have been informative for our seminars (regardless of their formats hence just a note could be accepted for example).

Please make sure that the authors have all the rights for the materials here hence each material has a possibility to be unavailable by the author's decision.

Getting Materials

In KSS Articles, there are two kinds of materials: published(open access) and unpublished(access restricted). In general, materials that mainly enrich the discussions in KSS internally or just under the discussions, may be categorized into unpublished(access restricted). After some considerable discussions, they will be re-categorized into published(open access) as soon as possible we get the authors' permit. For the materials in unpublished(access restricted), only the participants of related KSS seminars, who can contribute to the purpose of KSS, are able to access them.

If you meet the condition above and need to access the unpublished materials, please contact with the corresponding organizer: Kosaku Nagasaka. We will explain the agreement to access the unpublished materials and inform you the method to access them if you can agree with the agreement.

Editorial Board

KSS Organizers and the following guest editor.

Further Information

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