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SNAP Package

Please note that this page has't been updated. Any information in this page may be obsolated.

About the Mathematica package SNAP (Symbolic Numeric Algebra for Polynomials).

This package will be demonstrated at ISSAC 2007 Software Exhibits.

SNAP(Symbolic Numeric Algebra for Polynomials) package is an addon package for Mathematica. This package provides various functions for polynomials whose coefficients have errors (in the document, we represent those polynomials by SNAP structures).
See also the attached document in the archvie.
Current latest version is 0.9.0(LZH, tar+gz). Note that you have to agree to the following agreement if you want to be permitted to use this software. Moreover, the document files in this archive are not updated so there are inconsistencies between functions implemented are documents.

Agreement on use of this software.

  • Copyright of this software is reserved by Kousaku Nagasaka, professor of Kobe University <>.
  • You can use this software freely only for non-commercial use. But you shall not gain any right to the copyright of this software by your use of this software.
  • You are prohibited from extending or modifying this software.
  • Kousaku Nagasaka makes no warranty of this software, and takes no responsibility to any result arising from your use of this software.

This research was partly helped by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JAPAN.

Old version with FLASH extension.

Please contact me if you are interested in the latest version which includes algorithms unpublished or undocumented. I'll consider the possibilities of sending the archive.