Kobe Studio Seminar for Studies with Renderman: Information

This is a special interest seminar series in computer graphics, of Kobe Studio Seminar for Studies.

From the practical and theoretical points of view, RenderMan is very important to study the state of art technology, historical perspectives, methods and algorithms in computer graphics.

We would like to make our seminar the place where participants can have valuable discussions about the possibilities of practical and theoretical perspectives of computer graphics and mathematics by using RenderMan. We expect and hope that students of Kobe University, CG-practitioners (involved in research), mathematicians, computer scientists, R&D personnel of companies will attend to our seminar since we have had long discussions on several topics with the smallest possible number of participants. Please see the aim of the Kobe Studio Seminar.

We would like to make this seminar available and valuable for a wide range of participants: Entry level to Experts. Moreover, people with different backgrounds and discussions in English (other than Japanese) are welcome.

Moreover, we would like to keep reviewing on the issues of our concept, to make our seminars more effective for academic discussions.

How to Participate

To make our seminar better, if you'd like to attend our seminar, please contact to the corresponding organizer: Kosaku Nagasaka in advance. We will give you more detailed information on our seminar.