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Symbolic-Numeric Computations for Computer Graphics

We made a decision to finalize the project as of March 2015 since this project is integrated into KSS Projects for Communication itself.

"Symbolic-Numeric Computations for Computer Graphics" is one of the projects of "KSS Projects for Communication", which is started since 2014.


We would like to have better discussions on Computer Graphics from a bit new viewpoints of Mathematics and Computer Science (especially symbolic-numeric computations). In this project, we build some preliminary implementations to have discussions in KSS seminar series with various specialists (especially with researchers). For instance, to organize discussions on fluid simulations from the viewpoint of symbolic algebraic computation, numerical computation with guaranteed accuracy, symbolic-numeric computations and so on, we may need to have common notations, languages (technical terms), implementations (basic framework) and so on. This is our aim. Therefore, this project is not so special. We just try to reexamine common technologies (standards) from a broader perspective. In fact, reviewing the results of the Studio Phones Fellowship Program is one of such trials.


Since Yusuke Kiriu (Studio Phones) in his film making, has been working with music, acoustics, clothing, image processing, furniture, architecture and 3D computer graphics, he has achieved some fundamental research results on computer which contributed in part to many researchers as the Studio Phones Fellowship Program. For example, his implementation covered some basics of hyperbolic geometry and topology (Mathematics), which includes symbolic computations can generate some corresponding data structure to design several algorithms of topological invariant for the given knot diagram drawn on your computer screen (e.g. drawing link diagram on Mathematica by hand). In this project, based on his fundamental research results, with a bit new viewpoints of Mathematics and Computer Science, we try to build new implementations being able to contribute to our long discussions in KSS seminar series.


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